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Обложки нет Im Kreuzvisier

 Автор: Luett Peter

Боевые будни немецких летчиков Второй Мировой войны

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Обложка книги Indian Country Indian Country

 Автор: Schlichter Kurt

It’s all-out war for ruthless red state special operator Kelly Turnbull when he returns in this blockbuster prequel to “People’s Republic,” Kurt Schlichter’s top selling novel of America after the polarized politics of blue versus red have split our country apart.

“Indian Country” finds Turnbull sent back into the blue states to help those trapped inside resist a politically correct police state. As the progressive government ratchets up the violence, Turnbull must mold regular Americans into a fighting force capable of resisting the People’s Republic Army, led by his former US Army Special Forces mentor.

Longer, bigger and bolder than the original, “Indian Country” is filled with Kurt Schlichter’s trademark snarky humor and even more non-stop action, drawing on his work as a television commentator and Senior Columnist for Townhall.com, and his experience as a retired Army infantry colonel.

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Обложка книги Initiative Initiative

 Автор: Gee Colin

 Серия: Red Gambit

The sixth in a series of books that cover World War Three, from July 1945 through to its close in September 1947.

1946 has moved out of its suspended state, and violence has blossomed once again.

In the Pacific, the war reaches a peak of horror previously undreamt of in the history of man.

The severe European winter is a fading memory, but its after effects still resonate, particularly with the Red Army, deprived of the chattels of war. The fighting drags on, with little to show for the plans and devices of the politicians and generals.

Each side has its new efforts; each side experiences new disappointments.

Germany is strengthening and starts to shoulder more of the Allied burden, filling gaps left by the weakening of Britain and the United States.

Logistically bankrupt, the Red Army strives for one more struggle, one focussed effort against one of the Allies, in an effort to knock that nation out of the war, knowing that failure could spell the end, but that success could pluck victory from the jaws of defeat.

[The ‘Red Gambit Series’ novels are works of fiction, and deal with fictional events. Most of the characters therein are a figment of the author’s imagination. Without exception, those characters that are historical figures of fact or based upon historical figures of fact are used fictitiously, and their actions, demeanour, conversations, and characters are similarly all figments of the author’s imagination.]

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Обложка книги Into the Gates of Hell: Stug Command '41 Into the Gates of Hell: Stug Command '41

 Автор: Carruthers Bob, McLay Sinclair

 Серия: Kampfgruppe von Schroif

03:15, 22nd June 1941◦— Barbarossa is unleashed and Kampfgruppe von Schroif are right there at the cutting edge of the battle for Russia. Thrown into action against the fortress of Brest-Litovsk, von Schroif and his crew drive a new weapon into battle◦— the legendary Sturmgeschütz. However, even with this latest armoured marvel there is hard fighting as the Reds dig in and doggedly defend the island fortress to the last man.

Penetrating, authentic and stunning in its detail, the long awaited prequel to the highly acclaimed “Tiger Command!” is a powerful addition to the series. Based on a true story of combat on the Eastern Front, this atmospheric new novel puts the reader right into the action and unveils the story of how a legend was forged in the heat of the first great battle of the campaign.

Written by Emmy™ Award winning writer Bob Carruthers and newcomer Sinclair McLay and edited by Mark Farr, this much anticipated Eastern Front novel also explores the dark underside of war as von Schroif is faced with the malevolent presence of Oskar Dirlewanger.

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Обложка книги Into the Guns Into the Guns

 Автор: Dietz William C

 Серия: America Rising

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Legion of the Damned® Novels and The Mutant Files comes the first novel in a post-apocalyptic military science fiction series about America rising from the ashes of a global catastrophe…

On May Day, 2018, sixty meteors entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded around the globe with a force greater than a nuclear blast. Earthquakes and tsunamis followed. Then China attacked Europe, Asia, and the United States in the belief the disaster was an act of war.

Washington D.C. was a casualty of the meteor onslaught that decimated the nation’s leadership and left the surviving elements of the armed forces to try and restore order as American society fell apart.

As refugees across America band together and engage in open warfare with the military over scarce resources, a select group of individuals representing the surviving corporate structure makes a power play to rebuild the country in a free market image as The New Confederacy…

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Обложка книги Iron Sniper: A World War II Thriller Iron Sniper: A World War II Thriller

 Автор: Healey David

 Серия: Caje Cole

Summer 1944. When German sniper Dieter Rohde’s older brother is unjustly shot for desertion by the SS, he will stop at nothing to win the Iron Cross medal and redeem his family’s name by targeting as many Allied troops as possible. Rohde’s deadly efforts bring him into direct confrontation with American sniper Caje Cole. Rohde may be driven by ambition, but he hasn’t encountered an adversary like Cole, the so-called hillbilly sniper who is as hard as the mountains he calls home and as wily as a backwoods fox. As the final pitched battle for France takes place around them at the Falaise Pocket, these two snipers declare war on each other.

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