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Обложка книги Pacific Glory Pacific Glory

 Автор: Deutermann P T

A thrilling, multi-layered World War II adventure following two men and an unforgettable woman, from Pearl Harbor through the most dramatic air and sea battles of the war

Marsh, Mick, and Tommy were inseparable friends during their naval academy years, each man desperately in love with the beautiful, unattainable Glory Hawthorne. Graduation set them on separate paths into the military, but they were all forever changed during the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941.

Glory, now Tommy’s widow, is a tough Navy nurse still grieving her loss while trying to save lives. Marsh, a surface ship officer, finds himself in the thick of terrifying sea combat from Guadalcanal through Midway to a climactic showdown at Leyte Gulf. And Mick, a hotshot fighter pilot with a drinking problem and a chip on his shoulder, seeks redemption after a series of failures leaves him grounded.

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Обложка книги Piece of Cake Piece of Cake

 Автор: Robinson Derek

 Серия: R.A.F.

From the Phoney War of 1939 to the Battle of Britain in 1940, the pilots of Hornet Squadron learn their lessons the hard way. Hi-jinks are all very well on the ground, but once in a Hurricane's cockpit, the best killers keep their wits close.

Newly promoted Commanding Officer Fanny Barton has a job on to whip the Hornets into shape before they face the Luftwaffe's seasoned pilots. And sometimes Fighter Command, with its obsolete tactics and stiff doctrines, is the real menace.

As with all Robinson's novels, the raw dialogue, rich black humour and brilliantly rendered, adrenalin-packed dogfights bring the Battle of Britain, and the brave few who fought it, to life.

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Обложка книги Plague Bomb Plague Bomb

 Автор: Rouch James

 Серия: The Zone


Across the most heavily contaminated part of the Zone a group of publicity seeking peace activists try to reach the Russian lines. Major Revells’ squad try to intercept them, having to out manoeuvre the KGB officer tasked with protecting the group. It is a deadly race that all parties stake their lives on.


Saturated with the poisons from repeated chemical and biological attacks a part of the Zone is the most contaminated place on earth. A naïve group of publicity seeking celebrity peace activists intend to cross it and greet the Russian troops on the far side. It is a gesture that threatens their lives, puts them at risk of the more terrible of deaths. Major Revells’ Special Combat Force is sent to intercept and return them. Doing all he can to aid the civilians is a ruthless KGB Colonel whose next promotion depends on his success in helping them and providing the Soviets with a publicity scoop. It is a lethal race in the most awful place in the Zone, a deadly race, with death awaiting not just the losers.


First NEL Paperback Edition October 1986

First IMPRINT Publication E-Book Edition May 2005

First Revision IMPRINT Publications E-Book Edition April 2007

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Обложка книги Plėšikai: kaip nacistai grobė Europos brangenybes Plėšikai: kaip nacistai grobė Europos brangenybes

 Автор: Rydell Anders

1933–1945 m. nacistai pavogė milijonus meno kūrinių ir antikvarinių dirbinių. Pagal tiesioginį Hitlerio įsakymą plėšikauti į Europą buvo siunčiamos specialiai parengtos pajėgos. Muziejai, galerijos ir žydų šeimos buvo geidžiamas grobis. Iškiliausi darbai turėjo būti eksponuojami Hitlerio planuotame įkurti Fiurerio muziejuje, o išsigimusiu laikomas menas (entartete Kunst) sunaikintas arba parduotas už trokštamą užsienio valiutą; Daug meno kūrinių rasta po karo, bet daugiau nei šimtas tūkstančių dingo. Šie kūriniai atrasti tik pastaraisiais dešimtmečiais iškiliausiose pasaulio meno įstaigose, taip pat ir Stokholmo moderniojo meno muziejuje; „Plėšikai“ – prikaustanti istorija apie fanatišką nacistų maniją menui, taip pat apie aštrią teisinę ir moralinę kovą dėl „dingusio“ meno. Knygoje pasakojama apie milijardų vertus meno kūrinius ir palikuonių kovą už teisę į savo praeitį.

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Обложки нет Po tu stornu

 Автор: Semen Samsonov Nikolaevich

Обложка книги Proximity: A Novel of the Navy's Elite Bomb Squad Proximity: A Novel of the Navy's Elite Bomb Squad

 Автор: Phillips Stephen

EOD — "It's a lot like brain surgery, except if we screw up the patient detonates…. Oh yeah, and we do it underwater."

— A Navy EOD Technician

The Sailors of the United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community "perform under pressure" in the hazardous job of bomb disposal, often deep beneath the sea… alone.

An EOD Technician must have the brains of an engineer, the hands of a surgeon, and the courage of a martyr. In the U.S. Navy, carrier flight operations only occur under the watchful eye of EOD Techs ready to respond to ordnance accidents. U.S. Marines assault enemy beachheads only after EOD Techs clear the littoral seas and landing zones of mines. The U.S. Secret Service even relies on military bomb squads to protect the President and visiting foreign dignitaries. Perhaps the best testimony of their value is that when the Navy needs to place a limpet mine under an enemy ship it tasks the Navy SEALs, but to respond to such an attack — the Navy summons EOD.

Proximity highlights the exciting work of one EOD detachment as they become enmeshed in the efforts of a terrorist coalition operating both in Europe and the United States. Lieutenant "Jazz" Jascinski and the men of Detachment Four become the key to helping the FBI apprehend these terrorists — until their unique skills place them under suspicion. To protect themselves, the Techs must race to find the culprits before they become the next victims…

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